Start by getting out of the office. Sometimes that is half the battle... getting away from the monitor. The clutter we build up around ourselves blocks change.

So get some air. The rhythm of walking is a healthy practice in itself, but it is also the oldest way of practising philosophy. The walking sets off a chain reaction: muscular action encourages deeper breathing, deeper breathing encourages different patterns of thought.

Unravel those knotty problems, open your mind.
'Clarifying the values and identity of the organisation, stripping things back to first principles... not superficial, not change for change's sake.'  - Michael Duffy, CEO, the RDS.

'Now more than ever it is important to take stock and do some fundamental thinking. Barre is the ideal man to go to. He listens. He is intelligent. And he is reliable.' - John Graby, Director, Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland.