Sometimes you need a strategy because there is a crisis - as at present. And sometimes you need a strategy because there is no crisis. Because you are 'flatlining' whether you know it or not.
Most of what you need for strategic thinking you may already have on board: but the thing is that you don't know what you know.

Stride provides the external catalyst you need.
You can have all the outward appearances of strategy - the glossy strategy statement etc. - and still not have a strategy. Strategy is about what people do. And a strategy only takes on value as people who are committed to it begin to put it into practice.

Stride works with all kinds of organisations, of varying size, by first appointing a steering group responsible for developing the strategy. Stride then works with the steering group as a facilitator. This is supported by working closely with the CEO, and others, to ensure that the process is picking up all the key issues and needs.

'The process was like a moving walkway, allowing us to step on and off, and working dynamically with all the parties concerned.'- Sean O Laoire, President, Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland.