Stride does for your thinking what a brisk walk does for your lungs.

Stride is a trusted advisor, which means that we are not working to a formula but approaching each situation as unique, and applying our experience: no cut-and-paste here.

'Each of the managers, business-wise, is a different person as a result, more focused and confident, and the results prove it.' - Declan Ryan, CEO, Enva Ltd., part of the DCC Group.
There are 3 elements to Stride Coaching:

a  Questioning for Insight: open questions gradually elicit choice in the client, as they are helped to fully engage with the reality of their situation and the options facing them.

b  Listening for Possibility: this involves paying attention to small things. 'The aspects of things that are most important for us are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity' said Wittgenstein. So there is a way to bring out hidden resources in a situation by listening with an open mind. Describe, don't judge.

c  Self-Management:  move from being the 'effect' to being the 'cause' in their lives, as they sense the power of choice and how it can shape their lives.

There 4 steps in the process:

1  Goalsetting: choosing the objectives carefully starts the process.

2  Reality: describing the current state of affairs in detail.

3  Options: developing choices for action.

4  Will: developing the motivation to execute the actions.

'He galvanised us.' - Raymond Terris, Managing Partner, Murray O Laoire Architects, Moscow.